Conference Theme: Impact of Holistic Approaches on the Evolution of Accounting Research and Practice 

MODAVICA2019 international accounting conference aims to employ a holistic approach to assess the role of accounting science and practice within business research. The Conference intends to bring academicians together to explore and discuss accounting science in conjunction with other areas of business research and social science. In this respect, contributions from researchers in different areas of business such as marketing, organization, finance, production planning and social sciences like philosophy, sociology, political economy, are expected to increase the efficiency and diversity of discussions in accounting discipline.

Possible conference topics are provided below; however, papers related to accounting with a holistic perspective will be given consideration.

Accounting Disclosure and Communication                           Culture, Globalization, and Political Issues

Assurance, Auditing and Technological Development            Gender Issues in Accounting

Accounting Information Systems                                             Management Accounting and Control

Corporate Governance and Performance Management         Environment, Social Accounting, CSR and Social Impacts 

Ethics, Professions and the Public Interest                             Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives                                                                         

Integrated Thinking and Integrated Reporting                         Not-for-Profit, NGO’s and Social Businesses